Building brand and audience, our mission

Once upon a time, in a song long ago, a singer lamented the loss of dialogue, wondering if ‘the art of communication’ was in danger of simply fading away.

Many years later it is obvious the worries were groundless. With the advent of social media, there are more opportunities than ever for chatter. One might say a conversational revolution is underway.

But where does one go when banter is not what is needed, when the message needs to be refined and strategic?

Devine Media Service (DMS) can provide you with a complete range of content services to ensure your message gets heard, and, more importantly, listened to. We are content specialists who know how to craft a specific content strategy for your needs.

Our services include brand journalism, social media strategies, consulting, media monitoring, public relations, web writing, editorial solutions, newsletters, event planning, and creating your very own newsroom or hub – check out the site for more on these options.

At DMS we believe the art of communication is a combination of very specific skills and the ability to think critically about the task at hand. Without that ability, it’s all just so much chatter, and you can find that just about anywhere these days.

For strategic, crafted and expert content solutions, contact Devine Media Service today.

What we do: Brand Journalism

If you require content and messaging strategies to meet your business or agency goals, you have come to the right place. Devine Media Service is your solution.

Located in Barrie, Ontario, we offer brand journalism content that tells your story in a vibrant, narrative style that goes far beyond mere marketing and bland press releases. We connect with readers, your current and future customers, with content that entertains as well as informs, telling your story with journalistic principles to connect you to the reader.

We build brand and audience through the creation of your very own content hub, a site populated with content designed to build awareness, develop an audience and drive engagement and traffic to your hub – essentially your very own newsroom focused on telling your story

Content is pushed out to social media channels, creating audience and pulling that audience back to the hub for a more detailed review of services you provide. Think of it as a way of creating your very own direct audience and market.

Contact us today to find out more.

Your very own newsroom

Tailored, crafted and strategic – when you want your message to resonate Devine Media Service  gets the job done.

Imagine being able to connect directly with new and existing customers. Your message and story flowing through your very own newsroom, or content hub, to social media channels, building brand and audience, pulling that traffic back to your hub and your services.

It’s an approach that builds awareness and connection, expands audience and sets the tone for continuing conversations with that audience. It’s about presenting you as a solution and reference through content that informs, inspires and educates.

Get started on your very own newsroom by contacting Devine Media Service today.


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