Editorial Solutions

Know what you want to say, but running into constraints in communicating and presenting your messaging to clients and/or stakeholders? Why not turn to expert wordsmiths and paginators to get the job done?

It’s a wired world with tweets and posts dominating the messaging  landscape, but sometimes substance is required to give all that instance communication relevance and meaning. From newsletters to blogs, crafting the right dialogue and tone forms the basis of the conversation between you and your audience.

Every writer knows the agony of staring at a computer screen, fingers poised at the keyboard, waiting in vain for a streak of inspiration to come along. Why put yourself through all of that misery? Pay the experts to do it and save yourself the aggravation.

Devine Media Service welcomes that aggravation. We are here to relieve you of that misery, with solutions that include:

Writing solutions

• Do you know what a lede is? Or as it is sometimes spelled, a lead? If someone mentions story flow, structure, second lede/lead, any idea what they are talking about? If not, turn the job over to the pros who can craft your story in a compelling, engaging, informative and entertaining narrative.

• Style matters, but so does structure. Is the content valuable to readers? Usually it is, but often the message gets lost in the structure. A professional writer, such as a brand journalist, will structure your tale so that it resonates, ensuring you are heard and understood. Often it starts with a question: what do I want the reader to know/do after reading this? The answer begins with a focused writing style and strategy.

• Same goes for press releases, speeches and opinion pieces, blogs, and content for brochures. Style, focus, experience and talent all go into the mix for successful messaging.

Editing/pagination services

• Using programs including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, Devine Media Service provides pagination/page layout for print and online publications.

• Those publications include magazines, newsletters, industry newspapers, online blogs, and more.

Web writing solutions:

• You have designed your site, and now you need to populate it with content to describe the products and services available. As with all content, this writing should be engaging, compelling and informative, leading the reader to contact you for more information.  Words matter, and so does structure and tone.

• Blogs and other online content should follow journalistic principles, as provided by a brand journalist. In telling your story, let us go beyond mere marketing and press releases to engage your audience, bringing them back to your content hub for a more detailed exploration of what you have to offer.

• Web writing has its own style and tone, including writing in shorter sentences, using the active voice, having different points of entry into the story for all those ‘scanners,’ writing for the reader, using subheads and lists, providing useful links, and, of course, including keywords for SEO.

Contact us today for solutions to all your editorial needs. We look forward to hearing from you.