Media Monitoring

If information is currency and knowledge potential and opportunity, then it stands to reason that the more information a business or organization has, the greater the potential for opportunity to be realized.

Media monitoring serves a number of different purposes, including:

• Staying on top of trends and developments that can and will impact your business and/or reputation, allowing you to proactively respond to complaints and/or customer/client worries

• Avoiding unwelcome surprises – being aware of what is being said helps you to manage the message

• Crisis management is much enhanced when you can lead the conversation because you know, through media monitoring, how the conversation is evolving

• Tracking the success of media campaigns, including the impact of press releases in getting news attention

• Identifying new business opportunities

• Spotting the influencers by finding out who is talking about your services/products, and connecting with them to get them talking about you

• Staying alert as to what the competition is doing, from product development to marketing campaigns

• Spreading the good news posted on social media by customers thrilled by the quality of service/product you provide

Once, not too long ago, monitoring the media meant reading a few newspapers, watching a couple of TV stations and listening to some radio channels. With the advent of social media and the explosion of online content, the job has become a lot more complex. The good news is that there are a variety of online tools to simplify that task.

Devine Media Service deploys these tools to monitor media mentions of your brand, compiling a report that measures the success of a marketing campaign, or threats to your brand. It’s about listening to what is being said, and interacting with that conversation in a positive and proactive manner.

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