When creating and distributing a newsletter or email campaign, there are a couple of key points to consider, including content and audience – both established and new.

An email newsletter cements the relationship with clients and stakeholders by presenting useful information that drives sales, builds audience and increases brand loyalty. It’s an extension of the story you want to tell, and who better to help you do that than a brand journalist employing journalistic techniques to connect with your audience?

Research shows that newsletter campaigns work, with some studies showing a return of $40 or so for every dollar invested in an email campaign. Getting someone’s direct attention is a valuable outcome of any outreach strategy, and successful newsletters can do just that.

It’s about understanding what your customers, present and future, need and how to speak directly to them. A properly executed newsletter is a great way to establish long-term relationships and grow business. A brand journalist will craft newsletter content tailored to your brand and highlighting the benefits of working with you. The content should be engaging, informative and, yes, entertaining.

So, why create a newsletter? Consider these points:

• People are busy, and that includes your customers. You can’t expect them to spend a lot of time thinking about your brand and services. A newsletter engages your audience, helping to keep your company top of mind.

• As shown by research, newsletters drive sales. According to Convince & Convert, 44 percent of email subscribers made at least one purchase based on a promotional email they received in 2015.

• Newsletter analytical tools tell the story of audience engagement. A newsletter campaign is a proven method of building trust.

• When it comes to a newsletter, short and sweet is better than long and laboured. You want to get your audience’s attention and keep it before time and/or distraction removes it. For a more detailed reading links are a great way to bring readers back to you site, or content hub.

• You may have more than one story to tell, perhaps focusing on individual products and services. Creating additional or supplementary newsletters will help you reach a broader audience.

• A newsletter can also be useful in communicating with your internal audience, your employees.

• Done right, a newsletter campaign will boost social media followings. They are highly effective for growing your online community.

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