The benefits of having a journalist build your brand and audience

The art of story-telling is as old as the ability to communicate verbally, and may even predate actual language itself, come to think of it. It’s not hard to imagine the cave-dwelling denizens of ancient days grunting and gesturing to get a point across. The most proficient of them probably told the best stories.

Of course, no one seems to know when people began speaking to each other in a structured language. Research estimates it could be as recent as 50,000 years ago or as far back as two million years. Whatever the timeframe, as long as people have been able to speak they have used language to communicate, make sense of things and tell stories of lives, histories, families and communities.

The more interesting the telling, or narrative, the more compelling the story for the audience, or in today’s parlance, the market. And if you want someone to tell your story with style, quality and impact, get a journalist for the job – or more to the point, a brand journalist.

Why? Well, effective communication lies in the telling. If you need some lights wired, get an electrician. If you want your story told so that it resonates with current and future customers, employ the talents of a brand journalist who will bring the principles of journalism to the table so that your narrative gets noticed.

There’s a term in the newspaper trade for information that wants to be seen as something more than mere marketing: advertorial. It’s vested-interest content contained in a story, rather than traditional ads. Why? Because advertisers know that readers are more likely to respond to their message if it’s presented as a story. That establishes credibility and trust.

Brand journalism goes beyond simple advertorial, uniting journalistic principles and skills with strategic corporate and business content and messaging to inform, entertain and engage – all with the goal of building brand and audience. The idea is to connect with the audience by not simply pushing out promotional material but instead thinking and acting like publishers.

Journalists think differently from a traditional marketer, putting audience and reader first. That’s why so many businesses are developing blogs. They see the benefits, including:

• developing a connection with your audience

• strategic messaging

• improving SEO with keywords in narrative

• building a reputation as a brand leader

• better customer relations

• supporting social media strategies

Brand journalism is a new way of approaching marketing and audience, developing content that speaks to your narrative while also impacting the audience through a ‘good read.’ Contact us today for more on how we can help build your brand and audience.

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